AMD launches its first professional FirePro card based on the 28nm Graphics Core Next

AMD releases its first professional GPU based upon the Graphics Core Next architecture.

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AMD has just announced the immediate availability of the FirePro W600. The FirePro W600 is the first professional-level graphics card to released by AMD that leverages the 28nm manufacturing process along with the Graphics Core Next GPU architecture. This card is designed to be used for large, dynamic screens that are easily updated with new content.

AMD launches its first professional FirePro card based on the 28nm Graphics Core Next |

"Whether we are checking flight times at the airport or watching the latest ads on massive screens in city squares, digital signage has quickly become an important and ubiquitous part of our lives," said Matt Skynner, corporate vice president and general manager of AMD Graphics. "To enable these displays, the digital signage industry demands technology that can be regularly refreshed with new, feature-rich content. With the launch of the AMD FirePro™ W600 professional graphics card, AMD is helping advance the digital display wall industry by providing suppliers and developers with impressive display density, performance and exceptional value."

There are many new screens being built that are leveraging the latest in HD LED, LCD and plasma technologies. These screens, in turn, are being installed together to create giant video walls. The AMD W600 was designed to power these huge, multi-monitor displays which are often used for advertising and video conferencing.

"The core philosophy of everything we do here at Mitsubsihi Electric is quality. But we realize that the quality of our display solutions means nothing if we can't deliver the content that users need," said Peter van Dijk, business development manager, Mitsubishi Electric Europe. "That's why the AMD FirePro™ W600 graphics card in combination with the Composer/Play-Out system is such an important part of our offering. With its ability to drive multiple displays, deliver breathtaking 3D, video and interactive content, the W600 delivers the ultimate in performance and the ultimate in quality - no matter what the application."

The features of the new W600 card are as follows:

  • Support for up to six high-resolution displays or projectors from a single-slot card and six mini DisplayPort connectors;
  • 2GB of GDDR5 graphics memory for superior multimedia performance;
  • Support for two HD video streams via AMD's Unified Video Decoder;
  • Projection overlap capability to create one seamless image, with planned support for projection edge blending and image warping in Q4 of 2012;
  • AMD PowerTune technology that dynamically optimizes power consumption during operation and AMD ZeroCore Power technology that provides reduced power consumption at idle.

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