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Google to warn the 500,000+ users infected with DNS Changer malware

Google to warn users if they are infected with the DNS Changer malware.

By Trace Hagan on May 23, 2012 at 09:02 am CDT - 1 min, 28 secs reading time

A while back we brought you the story about users being infected with the DNS Changer malware and how, come July, they were going to lose their ability to connect to the internet. We also told you about how a collection of websites were running a piece of code to alert users to the fact their computers may be compromised.

Google to warn the 500,000+ users infected with DNS Changer malware |

Now Google has joined the group of websites offering up the warning to users. They are expecting to alert around half a million users in the first week alone. Without Google, it was going to take the other sites quite a bit of time to reach everyone. Who doesn't use Google? It's important that these messages reach users as the system will be shutdown July 9, 2012.

"In general we want to notify users [of malware infections] anytime we are capable of doing so, but the fact that we don't do this more often is really just because it's hard to come across cases where we can do it this accurately," Google security engineer Damian Menscher said. "In many cases we only have maybe a 90 percent confidence that someone is infected, and the false positive rate of 10 percent is simply too high to be feasible. But in this case we can be essentially certain that someone is infected."

Additionally, Google wants to get the warning out to everybody: "We think part of it is that all of the public press on this so far has been in English or a handful of other languages," Menscher continued. "It turns out that only half of these infected users speak English as their primary language." So, if you get a warning, clean up the malware before July 9, or it could become a lot harder to surf our site.

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