Xfinity Voice gets free voice, text messaging over WiFi using Xfinity Connect Mobile app

Comcast Xfinity Voice subscribers receive new feature called Voice 2go.

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Customers of Comcast's Xfinity Voice will be getting some new features which could help customers save money. The new feature is called "Voice 2go" and will allow users to make calls over WiFi using their home phone number. The new service will also allow users to text from the number while on WiFi.

Xfinity Voice gets free voice, text messaging over WiFi using Xfinity Connect Mobile app |

"We continue to enhance our Xfinity Voice service by adding new features consumers have come to expect from smartphones and mobile technology," said Cathy Avgiris, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Data and Communications Services. "These new tools enable customers to stay connected to their home phone service and take it with them virtually wherever they go."

Using the newly redesigned Xfinity Connect Mobile app, customers can make and receive calls and texts messages for free while using WiFi. The service will also work over a mobile phone's 3G or 4G data connection and not use any minutes. These text messages can also be sent internationally to over 40 countries, including Canada, Brazil, China and, soon, Mexico.

Xfinity subscribers can also receive up to four Personal Phone Numbers, which can be assigned to family members. The phone numbers work within the Xfinity app and can replace costly cell phone subscriptions for children. Instead, they would be able to use an iPod Touch or similar device to keep in contact.

Lastly, Comcast has introduced new call forwarding features:

With the Xfinity Voice Advanced Call Forwarding feature, customers can automatically forward phone calls made to their home phone number to up to four additional phones or devices so they will never miss a call. A customer can set up the service to ring on the work phone in their office, their work-issued cell phone, personal cell phone or even a vacation rental's phone. The service works with virtually any phone, including iPhones and Android-powered devices, and when calls are forwarded to the Xfinity Connect Mobile app, customers can even receive calls on iPads and iPod touches.


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