World News: Iraq a Growing Threat

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Chris Russell
Published Tue, Sep 24 2002 10:13 PM CDT   |   Updated Tue, Jun 16 2020 4:29 PM CDT
As our News slogan goes, "All the Latest News, That Matters!". TweakTown strives to bring you the best of the best. Sometimes, this extends beyond the scope of tech. Today is one of those days.

In sources gathered from around the world, England's Prime Minister, Tony Blair released a dossier reporting on the threat of Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction program and capabilities.

From CNN:
In a statement to an emergency meeting of the House of Commons, he said: "The policy of containment is not working. The WMD programme is not shut down. It is up and running."

"The threat posed to international peace and security, when WMD (weapons of mass destruction) are in the hands of a brutal and aggressive regime like Saddam's, is real. Unless we face up to the threat, not only do we risk undermining the authority of the U.N., whose resolutions he defies, but more importantly and in the longer term, we place at risk the lives and prosperity of our own people."
Coverage by The Straits Times:

"To all intents and purposes, the report is not intended to clarify the situation or present new facts; instead, it is part of the Prime Minister's strategy to persuade his people and his government colleagues that Britain should go to war in the Middle East, alongside the United States."
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