Samsung's GALAXY Note commercial wins "most effective" ad for Q1

Samsung's GALAXY Note ad gets recognized, achieves "higher score" than Doritos and M&Ms.

| Apr 4, 2012 at 3:23 am CDT

Samsung's 5.3-inch "is it a tablet or smartphone" GALAXY Note has been rated the most effective ad for Q1 of 2012, according to a survey conducted by analyst firm Ace Metrix. The commercial is said to have achieved a higher score than ads from companies like Doritos and M&Ms, which made number two and three.

Samsung's GALAXY Note commercial wins most effective ad for Q1 |

Based out of 950 points, the GALAXY Note commercial scored 686 points, this is based on respondents answers to questions regarding persuasion, relevance, and watchability, among other factors. The Doritos and M&Ms ads both scored an equal 671 each. Ace Metrix CEO, Peter Daboll, said in a statement to CNET:

It will be very interesting to watch how Samsung's continually impressive ads affect the company's marketshare vis-a-vis competitors like Apple, which, this quarter, did not come close to measuring up to Samsung's advertising prowess.

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