Ivy Bridge details leaked

Intel's Ivy Bridge details have been leaked, 18 different CPU models on offer.

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Some Ivy Bridge details have been leaked, and CPU World have them split across two articles that cover no less than 18 different CPU models. Ivy Bridge looks to be a native quad-core design with 8MB of last-level cache, just like Sandy Bridge.


Hyper-Threading makes its return, but only with the more expensive Core i7 range of processors, like Sandy Bridge. Turbo Boost also returns, but strangely, there is no mention of Core i3. The only dual-core chip amongst the 18 models is the Core i5-3470T, which sports four threads thanks to Hyper-Threading.

The high-end Core i7-3770K includes a stock frequency of 3.5GHz, ramped up to 3.9GHz when Turbo is enabled. More impressively, it will only feature a 77W thermal envelope, shading nearly 20W from the 95W TDP that the Core i7-2700K has. The Core i7-3770K's TDP is the highest in a range that goes down to 35W. Most of the chips fit into 77W, 65W, and 45W TDPs, with K, S, and T suffixes.

Ivy Bridge brings some deliciously low power consumption, but will that damper overclocking limits? Or will it increase them if the chips can handle more power running through them? Intel are definitely hitting home run after home run lately.

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