Internode offers exclusive offer, no signup fee and first two months free

Internode offer two months free Internet, no signup fee for

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Internode have a pretty good offer for, where they've offered a no signup fee, with the first two months free. Internode! Internode really cater to gamers, and push this obviously through their gaming portal,, but also in their services they offer to gamers.

Internode offers exclusive offer, no signup fee and first two months free |

Internode have a dedicated games network in which offers patches, videos, demos and more, your favourite Internet TV shows and podcasts where you can download them all, unmetered, as fast as your Internet connection can handle. Internode even have two Steam content servers, where you can buy your Steam games, download them and get playing faster than ever - with everything above all quota free.

How can it get better?

They also have their own super-massive server network, hosting super-fast, rock-solid servers for the latest and greatest games, all the way down to the old classics we know and love such as Battlefield 3, Team Fortress 2, Modern Warfare 2, ArmA, Minecraft and even great classics like Neverwinter Nights. Internode's servers are backed up with great dedicated admins.

As an Internode customer, hooked up to an Internode gaming server, you experience super-low pings (in my experience, under 20ms most of the time), as well as again, being quota free.

If you'd like to take this offer on, click here.


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