Samsung pokes Apple in new ad, trolololol

Samsung poke fun at Apple fans in new ad.

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Samsung have a new series of commercials where they poke fun at Apple fans, its not a dark insult, but more of a realistic view of most Apple customers. The ad starts in a lineup for Apple's iPhone 4S in New York, a similar site in most cities around launch day. A large group of Apple fans are lined up, talking about how this is "an event" and they will "remember it for the rest of their lives."

Just after this, another guy outside the line is on his smartphone and it attracts the people in the lineup, he's holding a Samsung Galaxy S II. The Apple fanboys comment on how light and thin the device is and how large the display is. Some of the quotes are "I could never get a Samsung, I'm creative", with someone saying "Dude, your'e a barista."

One of the Samsung owners says "Why don't you guys just get 4G phones?", with one of the Apple fans in the lineup says in a very sarcastic tone, "Why don't you just get 4G phones?". "The battery looks sketchy", "If it looks the same, how will people know I upgraded?" All of the things that most Apple fans (who aren't completely stuck in the Apple rose garden) would say. If the phones look the same, how does someone know if you have a iPhone 4 or 4S from a distance?


Another woman is on her phone and is checking out another woman's Samsung smartphone, the Samsung owner flicks her head to look behind her shoulder, with the Apple fan saying "she totally caught me checking out her phone."

One of the guys even says "Is this what adultery feels like?"


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