AMD Catalyst 11.11a driver, what does it do?

AMD Catalyst 11.11a drivers are out.

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We've seen a few different AMD Catalyst drivers lately, with today bringing the Catalyst 11.11a driver. What does it do? Well, as usual, it supports Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP and brings some fixes, support and improvements for Batman: Arkham City, RAGE, Skyrim and Battlefield 3.


You can grab the drivers here, and for a rundown of what the Catalyst 11.11a driver does, take a look below:

Batman Arkham City:

Improves DirectX 11 performance for single GPU configurations


Enables AMD CrossfireX performance scaling

Resolves a number of image / stability issues seen with the title:

Fix geometry corruption, sometimes seen in Bash TV entrance

Fix issues with Low-memory conditions on 32bit systems.

Fix issue with extreme corruption with missing textures on 32bit systems.

Fix memory leaks when deleting/reusing sync objects.

Fix hitching and pausing, especially noticeable on some Quad Core systems when doing races and Stanley Express runs.

Fix some missing shadows


Improves performance 2-7% on single GPU configurations

Resolve corruption seen when enabling Multi-Sample Anti-Aliasing on the AMD Radeon HD 6970 Series

Disables CrossFireX (to resolve negative scaling and image quality issues seen when CrossFireX is enabled)

AMD is continuing to work on a CrossFireX solution for Skyrim - as soon as it's ready we'll make it publicly available

Battlefield 3

Resolves intermittent corruption seen when playing the game at specific camera angles


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