DICE are close to releasing a patch for the PC version of Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 PC patch is coming.

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Whilst most people are enjoying Battlefield 3, there are some issues. Usually I hate issues on big AAA titles, but I forgive DICE for this. Battlefield 3 really pushes most boundaries of games these days, scale, graphics, audio, detail, etc. It's hard to release a game that looks this good, on consoles too, without some bugs.


But, DICE are preparing a major PC patch full of tweaks and improvements. A post on the EA blog explains it a bit more:

So what's in the PC patch? You'll see improved polish, stability, weapons balancing, squad control functionality, user interface enhancements, and several feature enhancements that address feedback the community has provided to date - plus we're removing the so called "negative mouse acceleration" that some of you have experienced.

The console versions of the game will receive updates to the game after the PC patch hits the tubes, with EA saying it will follow "shortly after the PC update," the reason behind it being that console patches "take a bit longer due to the certification requirements for console content."

Let's hope that the changes are polished, I'd like to see some changes to spawning on squad mates which only works half the time. SLI/multi-monitor for me is broken, I can't run native resolutions, only random resolutions (currently on 3 x 1080p/3240x1920 but have to run it at 2206x1109), and various other little things like destruction in the game being increased ala Back to Karkand.

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