The PlayStation 3 turns five today, no cake smash pictures unfortunately

PS3 turns 5 today, developers name their favorite PS3 games.

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Cake smashes at kids birthday parties look so awesome. My daughter turns one in March next year and we're going to have one. I'm so excited. Why didn't Sony do this with the 5-year anniversary of the PS3? A giant PS3 cake and have various devs and management smash it up. I need to work for their PR department, ha. This week is definitely the week of anniversaries and birthdays! First up we had the Xbox's 10-year anniversary, and Intel's 40-year anniversary of their first microprocessor, the Intel 4004. Today, Sony stands on the podium with the PlayStation 3 turning five today.

The PlayStation 3 turns five today, no cake smash pictures unfortunately |

Five years since the PlayStation 3 launch. I still remember the pre-launch buzz, dual-HDMI, 1080p, this, that. Then it launched and people were selling PS3 consoles on eBay for ridiculous prices, or selling just the empty box and getting suckers to purchase it in the craze of the launch.

The PS3 did launch before this day five years ago, but in Japan. Today marks the release in the US. The PS3 ushered in some truly great things to the gaming world, it pushed forth today's standard for high-definition video, Blu-Ray. It introduced the great Sixaxis controller, introduced Move to the world, 3D is now available on it, great titles such as the Uncharted series and Killzone.

The PlayStation blog has a bunch of developers with their favourite games ranging from Heavy Rain to Portal 2. Check it out.

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