AMD offers up a personal guide towards optimal performance in BF3

Helping you to achieve a good balance of FPS and image quality.

| Nov 2, 2011 at 4:26 pm CDT

How's performance in Battlefield 3 for you? Struggling to get the kind of FPS you were hoping for and trying to avoid having to fork out $ on upgrades? If you run an AMD Radeon based VGA card and / or processor, you might find a freshly posted guide on AMD's blog site of particular value in helping you achieve a decent balance of performance vs. detail.


In this guide AMD would like to offer some counseling around these topics. We understand that Battlefield 3 is not the only hot title this season, but it's certainly one of the most demanding one in terms of hardware. Therefore we're providing a little insight into what settings we think make sense for different levels of hardware.

AMD offers up a personal guide towards optimal performance in BF3 04 |

One of the key pointers talked about (and demonstrated) in this guide is when playing with MSAA and FXAA to achieve superior image quality. It was noted that image quality is somewhat improved when opting for MSAA over FXAA, but on the downside, the performance trade off for this is quite significant and may make the difference of the game being playable and unplayable to some of you, depending on your specs.

In all, there could be some very handy tips here to help you get things running schmick so you can enjoy the game in the best way possible.

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