Google intros freshly-designed Reader

Google Reader gets a fresh design.

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Google have rolled out their new Reader design over the last few days and it now sports the Google+ features that were mentioned a week ago. Reader now features a new look that is cleaner, faster and nicer to look at. It also includes the ability to +1 a feed item (which replaces "Like"), with an option to then share it with your circles on Google+ (this replaces "Share" and "Share with Note").

Google intros freshly-designed Reader |

Google say that integrating Reader with Google+ helps them streamline Reader overall, so with the rollout, Google have cut away friending, following, shared items and comments and replaced them with similar Google+ functionality. Google are loving the new layout and have also rolled the layout onto GMail also. Personally, I use Reader every single day for my news here at TweakTown and I really don't like the new layout.

It rocks on a tablet and it has a very Android 3.0/Honeycomb feel, but I don't like it on the Mac/PC. I have two browser windows open at once, one on the left side of my screen, one on the right. The legacy Reader was awesome - it was spaced out perfectly, the new Reader rocks if you're only looking at the single window, but if you're using side-by-side windows, it just doesn't feel as good. But, that's my thoughts.

What about you? Do you use Reader? Let us know what you think of the new layout.

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