Drop test: Samsung's Galaxy S II beats out the iPhone 4S

Apple versus Samsung, Galaxy S II versus iPhone 4S, drop test - Samsung wins.

Published Mon, Oct 17 2011 11:19 PM CDT   |   Updated Tue, Nov 3 2020 12:30 PM CST

We've seen the performance analysis, benchmarks, thoughts, features and much more talk when it comes to Apple's latest and greatest; the iPhone 4S. But what about dropping them from shoulder height to see which one would break first? It may sound stupid, but there are so many people who drop their phones, whether it be accidentally, when drunk, or they're just clumsy. My wife dropped her Galaxy S II from hip height a fortnight ago, and it just scraped the side and did not break; to me, that is great workmanship from Samsung.

SquareTrade, who sell insurance for all manner of electronics, have obtained the iPhone 4S and a Galaxy S II and have done a drop test. The test consisted of dropping the phones at shoulder-height,and a face-down fall. The Galaxy S II survived both drops, where the iPhone took considerable damage even at a waist-heigh drop and its screen was completely wrecked when dropped face down on concrete.


The tests are aimed at making users take out insurance on their handsets, but it would also pay to have a protective cover if you're an iPhone 4S user. The amount of friends I with the iPhone 4 who have cracked screens is nuts, where I've recommended my personal handset (HTC Desire) to many more friends and none of them have cracked screens. Apple, improve this in your phones, now.

NEWS SOURCE:allthingsd.com

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