Intel Core i7-2700K gets a launch date (and a big price tag)

Will enter the lineup at higher cost than the existing 2600K.

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After recently hearing of Intel's plans to release a new, top end entry in its LGA1155 Core i7 line, the i7-2700K, new information has come out not only confirming its soon to be existence, but also covering pricing and availability.

Intel Core i7-2700K gets a launch date (and a big price tag) |

Where Intel usually has a tendancy to roll in new top end parts at the same price point as what the predecessor sat at, this time things are expected to be different and apparently the i7-2700K will carry a higher price tag than the 2600K. While the exact price isn't allowed to be revealed at this time, a source has made it clear the i7-2700K will in fact be significantly higher than the 2600K's current $317 price tag - most likely somewhere around the ball park of US$340 to $350.

The i7-2700K will run at 3.5GHz out of the box, a typical 100MHz bump over the previous top model (2600K), while the chip is otherwise pretty much identical, including the multiplier with the highest available setting being 57x. On the upside, it's been rumoured that Intel is cherry picking its best Sandy Bridge cores for 2700K allocation, and this is backed up by other reports that it is one hell of an impressive overclocker.

As for the release date, it looks like the 24th October folks!

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