gScreen ready up dual 17" (1920x1080) SpaceBook laptop series

The ultimate in desktop real estate on the go, at a price.

| Jul 19, 2011 at 8:15 am CDT

Alaskan founded company gScreen isn't one many of us have heard of before, mostly specialising in R&D towards providing dual-screen laptops for filmmakers, photographers, graphics designers etc. since they fired up the company back in 2003.

However, they've now decided to hit the mass market with their latest product lineup, the SpaceBook series, which sports the inclusion of what this company is primarily all about, dual screens on a laptop. If it's the ultimate in desktop real estate on the go that you need, these guys certainly deliver in spades with the SpaceBook.

gScreen ready up dual 17 (1920x1080) SpaceBook laptop series |

There are two variants of the laptop on offer, the SpaceBook 17 i7 8G and SpaceBook 17 i5 4G, both of which boast dual 17" LED-Backlit displays each running 1920x1080 resolution. Individual specs for each of the two models can be read on their website here.

Both models of tHe SpaceBook 17 series are now up for pre-order with the top end Core i7 / 8GB RAM model coming in at a hefty $2,795 USD and the Core i5 / 4GB RAM one at $2,395 USD. It is not yet known as to when the new laptops will start shipping.

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