Battlefield 3: Operation Metro, first multiplayer footage - you'd better be sitting down

Battlefield 3: Operation Metro, multiplayer trailer.

| Jun 7, 2011 at 1:51 am CDT
E3 2011 - TweakTown advises you to sit down before watching the below video. Below is the first multiplayer footage of the upcoming Battlefield 3. The video is titled "Operation Metro". The trailer (without spoiling it) involves a tonne of never-before-seen multiplayer footage, and had me screaming like a girl and by the end I had goose bumps.

Watched it - now "like" it on Facebook and share it, it's that good. Shout out to my nephew Corey for having this "liked" on his Facebook, that's what made me see it! WOW!

TweakTown bonus! Below I have the E3 2011 Frostbite 2 trailer. This trailer shows just how powerful the Frostbite 2 engine is, and best of all is the overlay down the bottom right, "PC IN-GAME FOOTAGE". Let's see a "made on console, ported to PC" game do this. More precisely, let's see Call of Duty do this. I think we have a new FPS king on our hands!

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