Nintendo 3DS AR Games Get More Portable When You Tattoo The Marker On Your Body

US Southeast Blogger puts Nintendo AR Card on his skin. With ink. The permanent subcutaneous kind.

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Cranberry Zero, a poster for IHEARTCHAOS, has taken it upon himself (literally) to be an anchor for the Nintendo 3DS suite of augmented reality games and experiences. Really literally- the dude went and tattooed the '?' design from the AR marker onto his forearm!

Nintendo 3DS AR Games Get More Portable When You Tattoo The Marker On Your Body |

What goes through someone's head before he or she actually makes a decision like this? Well, Cranberry Zero solved that riddle for us:

Last week I finally snagged a Nintendo 3DS and after playing the augmented reality games, the first thing I thought was "Oh s***, that AR card would make a killer tattoo." And so this weekend, I got the 3DS AR tattoo and it's f***ing awesome.

The Mii photo came out pretty well, but it couldn't have been easy to take. The 3DS isn't exactly a one-handed device, as further proven by the following video:

Not the most easily accessible augmented reality experience. Also- how are you going to play the game if your one free hand is holding the 3DS? There's also this:

Sorry that it's jittery...the way I was having to hold my arm and hold the 3DS and look through the viewfinder of the camera meant that my arm was at a slight angle and the 3DS was trying to place it on a flat plane.Also, a couple things to note if you want to try this. Right now, the tattoo doesn't always work in really bright light, like sunlight, but it works fine in dim-ish light.

In conclusion, we agree that it's a cool tattoo, but the only thing this guy has sucessfully augmented is the color of the skin on his lower forearm. However, if you happen to be friends with Cranberry Zero and own a 3DS, don't worry about carrying those AR cards around with you! Let's just hope he doesn't decide to get a Face Raiders tat to go with it.
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