G-Form iPad Case: The Force Is 12 Lbs Strong With This One

iPad case absorbs 12 lbs of force from a bowling ball. Really.

| Apr 11, 2011 at 4:20 pm CDT
G-Form iPad Case: The Force Is 12 Lbs Strong With This One | TweakTown.com

Whether it's an iPad 2 being blended or an iPhone 4 falling from 1,000 ft and surviving, we've seen some pretty weird things done to Apple post-pc devices. This week, G-Form comes up with a creative way to drop bowling balls on tablets. In a demonstrational video, G-Form's Tom Cafaro tests the durability of two different cases by dropping 12 pounds of bowling ball. The sound that follows the first attempt is eerily familiar to all touchscreen-device owners- that terrible crunching of scratch resistant glass. The second attempt with the G-Form case leaves the iPad delightedly undamaged. I remember my math teacher in high school repeatedly touting the resistance of TI-83 graphing calculators: "It can withstand a 10-foot drop onto concrete." This is definitely better. The case is made out of PORON XRD, a material originally intended for sports equipment. It tightens up when impacted, absorbing and reflecting all of the force. Otherwise, it's floppy and lightweight.

The case is compatible with iPads and other tablets, even the iPad 2 with the Smart-Cover attached. For $60 bucks you can pre-order one in black or yellow.

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