Ex-Microsoft Games Chief apologizes for the "consolization" of PC gaming, not so April Fooled

Ex-Microsoft Games Chief rips PC gaming a new one.

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This is meant to be an April Fools joke but seriously, virtually everything he said as a "joke" is actually true. This makes the entire case even sadder. My readers will know my stance for gaming and how consoles have virtually destroyed quality gaming and the advancement of gaming technology (gaming engines, advancements in actual gameplay, etc).

It has some quotes from Robbie Bach, former president of Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices division:

Ex-Microsoft Games Chief apologizes for the consolization of PC gaming, not so April Fooled | TweakTown.com

Am I happy to have been a part of the destruction of PC gaming? No, of course not. But I am proud of the fact that I've helped convince a generation of gamers that it's cool to pay $10 for a pair of virtual sunglasses and that playing online should be considered a premium feature. Look, guys, no one's stopping your from installing Doom II and playing through that again, right? I mean, what's the difference between that and Black Ops, really?

PC gamers have to understand one thing: they're irrelevant jerks, and the whole world will be much better off if they would go away forever. Nobody in the gaming industry cares how much memory they have or how many slots their GPU occupies. Overclock your CPU? Why don't you fill a cup of water and see if it gives a damn because I can guarantee nobody at Activision or EA gives a toss. Do you think we're able to buy pet tigers making sure textures look good at your stupidly high resolutions? We've convinced gamers that sub-720p resolutions blown up to fill 60-inch TVs represents the absolute pinnacle in visual fidelity. Besides, people want to be able to hit the A button and see something awesome happen, not fiddle around with .ini files making sure their FOV-whatever that is-looks good on their monitor. People want to use their mouse to like things on Facebook, not accurately aim their weapon in the 38th shooter they've played this year.

In something that I read knowing it was a joke, it has enraged me even more. Microsoft are probably the number one culprit of killing PC gaming. PC gaming grew up on Microsoft-based OS's over the years and they virtually killed OpenGL with DirectX. Their businesses are only successful because companies such as NVIDIA and AMD require Windows-based customers to survive.

On the flip side, AMD and NVIDIA then shoot themselves in the foot by supplying console makers with hardware for their consoles. But, without PC gamers from the past 15 years, both companies would not have had this much support, money and expertise in their respective fields.

But these companies are run like corporate behemoths. Not giving a sh*t about their customers at the end of the day - the almighty dollar wins out in every fight. The only way we have a chance at winning is for 95-percent of the PC market to stop buying Microsoft, AMD or NVIDIA-based hardware. But, I don't see that happening anytime soon.

/cries in the corner
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