VTech introduces InnoPad tablet for kids

Vtech offers new tablet for kids.

| Feb 11, 2011 at 11:00 am CST
If you have kids, you know that any time you get a new gadget they either want one line it or they want to play with it. I always get nervous letting my kids play with my iPad because I worry that they will drop it and break it. VTech has unveiled a new gadget for kids that will give them their own tablet called the InnoPad.


The InnoPad is a small tablet with educational software and games that are designed for kids 4-9 years old. It has a 5-inch color LCD screen that is touch sensitive and a tilt sensor for controlling games. It also has a microphone, USB port, SD card, and a headphone jack.

The tablet is designed to be rugged enough to survive drops that come with kids playing. The device has all sorts of games and other software that can be added. Most of the software that VTech offers is made for educational use. The InnoPad sells for $79.99 and software for the tablet is $24.99 per title.

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