Nokia Bubbles unveiled at Nokia Beta Labs

Cool and Nokia make sense in a sentence together finally.

| Feb 4, 2011 at 2:00 pm CST
When was the last time we saw something really cool or innovative from Nokia? The company isn't exactly known for edgy designs and cool new features. Nokia Beta Labs has a new and interesting offering it is showing off called Nokia Bubbles that can be downloaded now for compatible devices.

Nokia Bubbles unveiled at Nokia Beta Labs |

Bubbles puts little bubbles on the unlock screen of your device. The idea is that when you unlock the device rather than having to unlock, then navigate to what you wanted to do like check email or something, you can just unlock and go directly to what you want automatically.

This is done with little bubbles that float all around the screen of the smartphone. As soon as you hit the wake button to get the phone out of sleep mode you can touch one of the bubbles for the function you want, drag it to the drop point, and then the phone will unlock and go right to what you wanted to do. That is a really cool feature.

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