Thief nabbed after leaving his mobile phone charging in the home he robbed

Theif busted with his own cell phone.

| Feb 4, 2011 at 10:00 am CST
I think you should be able to kick thieves in the balls until they pass out as part of their punishment. I hate thieves, stealing stuff from people that work hard to get what they have is one of the lowest things you can do in my book. A thief from Washington was nabbed recently because he is a complete moron in addition to being a douche bag.

Thief nabbed after leaving his mobile phone charging in the home he robbed |

The dude is one Cody Wilkins and he was in the middle of robbing a house when the homeowner came in and caught him. Wilkins jumped out the window and ran off. The problem for Wilkins the moron douche bag was that in the middle of his robbery he decided he needed to recharge his phone.

He plugged his phone into an outlet in the house and went on about his thievery. When he leapt out the window, he left the phone behind. Police found it, called a number on the phone, and told the lady who answered Wilkins had been in an incident. She gave the cops his name and the rest is history. Wilkins is in jail on a $1 million bond.

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