Playboy Magazine coming to iPad in March, uncensored

I only read it for the articles...

| Jan 19, 2011 at 10:18 am CST
Steve Jobs has already said that he doesn't want porn on Apple devices but some Tweets from Hugh Hefner of Playboy fame have surfaced today that point to a change of heart at Cupertino. Apparently, all issues of Playboy from the start of the publication up to current issues will be coming to the iPad this March.

Playboy Magazine coming to iPad in March, uncensored |

That means that users will be able to get issues going back to the founding of the publication in the 1950's. The catch here is that with the stipulation that no porn will be on the iPad and Hef saying the mag will be uncensored, what sort of deal has been worked out and will more porn apps be coming to the App Store as well.

Mashable reports that the current Playboy app has no full frontal nudity in it. I wonder if the pics will only be ones from the issues that have no frontal nudity. Those could be uncensored and still meet the guidelines in use now. I also wonder if it will include the articles so you will have an excuse for buying the app if someone asks.

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