E-Ink screens may make battle tanks invisible in 5-years

Invisible tanks coming to a battlefield near you.

| Jan 14, 2011 at 12:00 pm CST
Researchers at BAE Systems in the UK are hard at work on a system that movie fans will recognize as being very similar to the tech that the Predator used to hide from Arnie. BAE is looking at a system that may be in the field in as little as five years that can hide a vehicle the size of a main battle tank using sensors and e-Ink on the surface of the vehicle.


The researchers have dubbed the technology e-camouflage and as the vehicle rolls along the camera sensors on the outside would project the image all around it on the surface to allow it to blend into any environment. The researchers are basing the program around seven different fighting vehicles for now.

The vehicles are a mixture of manned and unmanned vehicles that will have versions that are armed and some that are unarmed. Some will be troop carriers while other will hunt the enemy or provide anti-aircraft support. The British military wants a vehicle ready for operational capacity by 2013 weighing 30 tons, powered by a hybrid system, and packing the survivability and fighting power of current main battle tank.

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NEWS SOURCE:telegraph.co.uk


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