OnStar comes to all vehicles with new aftermarket mirror

OnStar can be had on any car.

| Jan 5, 2011 at 12:04 pm CST
CES 2011, Las Vegas - I can remember how cool the OnStar system was back when I was young and the system first debuted. You could make phone calls and get all sorts of other features using the mirror or a button in a GM vehicle .OnStar is in just about every GM vehicle on the road today and has navigation, emergency, and anti-theft features.


I think that the biggest thing keeping folks from adopting the interesting system has been that it was linked to GM products only. At CES OnStar has announced that it has teamed up with Best Buy to offer a retail aftermarket solution that will be able to work in any vehicle on the road. The system is an aftermarket mirror that has all the OnStar hardware inside. The mirror will launch this spring at Best Buy only to start with and then hit other sellers too. It will sell for about $300.

The mirror will provide emergency assistance, vehicle security, automatic crash response, navigation, connections, and hands free Bluetooth. I wonder if the aftermarket system will be able to slow down vehicles that are stolen and unlock doors like the GM version.

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