Memory Bandwidth VIA's best friend

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Cameron Wilmot
Published Wed, Jul 10 2002 1:28 AM CDT   |   Updated Sat, Aug 8 2020 10:29 AM CDT
Steven from Legion Hardware has taken an exclusive look at the new P4X400 chipset from VIA for the Pentium 4 platform. Bringing DDR-400 support to the Pentium 4 is certainly a bonus is the memory bandwidth department for VIA.

At this years Computex tradeshow VIA released so many products we had trouble covering them all. Even before Computex VIA were announcing quite a few new products, one of which was the P4X333 chipset. However this chipset will never get the chance to see day light due to VIA's need to keep releasing new gear. SiS beat VIA as the first chipset maker to offer a DDR333 solution for the P4 platform and VIA were not about to be beaten again. That has how it would appear anyway as they steam ahead only a few months after the P4X333 launch and release the P4X400. Well I guess we all knew it was coming but not this soon. Finally, DDR memory will be able to match RD-RAM or at least be on a more competitive level at DDR400.
More information at Legion Hardware.

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