Ex-WikiLeaks people start OpenLeaks

OpenLeaks plans to be a 'conduit' of information, eyes off WikiLeaks.

Published Mon, Dec 13 2010 8:11 PM CST   |   Updated Sat, Aug 8 2020 10:29 AM CDT
WikiLeaks former partner Daniel Domscheit-Berg has said he is set to launch the next-generation of leaking 'software' in the "coming months". It's set to be called OpenLeaks and will try to fix the "problems" associated with the WikiLeaks model, mostly centralization.

Ex-WikiLeaks people start OpenLeaks | TweakTown.com

The difference between OpenLeaks and WikiLeaks is, WikiLeaks publishes the information, vets it then releases it on it's site. OpenLeaks will simply be a "conduit" of information. Domscheit-Berg says it "aims to provide the technological means to organizations and other entities around the world to be able to accept anonymous submissions in the forms of documents or other information."

Another change from WikiLeaks is OpenLeaks will not have a person synonymous with it, where WikiLeaks has Julian Assange as it's public face. OpenLeaks will have no single person who stands above others or is allowed to be the single point of failure.

This is also the reason why Domscheit-Berg and others left WikiLeaks as it became too much about itself and Julian than the information it was publishing. Even though the information it's publishing is showing just how dirty the real world is behind all of the controlled media.
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