NASA finds new type of life - here on Earth

NASA finds new DNA which consists of arsenic - here on Earth.

Published Thu, Dec 2 2010 6:49 PM CST   |   Updated Sat, Aug 8 2020 10:29 AM CDT
Not directly tech related - but more "science" related and I thought it would appeal to tech fans, but I'm sure you've heard NASA was set to make an announcement based on a form of life not yet known to our race.

NASA finds new type of life - here on Earth |

Obviously people thought this was from another planet, or something "out there" where the truth is (nodding to you X-Files fans here). But, NASA found DNA which consists of arsenic right here on Earth and more precisely in California. Please note - there is no other life on this planet whose DNA consists of Arsenic, period.

I find it funny (so does the source) that governments, corporations and even the general public spend countless amounts of money, time and resources looking outside of our planet for other forms of life, when all this time it has been here. We haven't even gotten to the depths of our own oceans (and are constantly finding new species of sea life) or know how the pyramids were created.

It's a step in an interesting direction.

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