Mushkin shifting Callisto Deluxe drives super cheap TODAY ONLY!

Take advantage of Cyber Monday and treat yourself to a sensational SSD deal.

| Nov 29, 2010 at 11:46 am CST
With today being Cyber Monday, there's terrific deals to be had left, right and centre. But if it's a super SSD deal you're looking out for, look no further, for Mushkin has contacted us with details on what they have going today.

Their well regarded Callisto Deluxe range of SandForce powered solid state drives are going for super low pricing that just can't be beat, providing you bite today!

Mushkin shifting Callisto Deluxe drives super cheap  TODAY ONLY! |

The company is shifting the Callisto Deluxe 40GB for just $80, while the 90GB is going for only $164.99! - You folks in the states won't find a cheaper deal anywhere else. Just hit up Mushkin's website and place your order directly there to take advantage of these fantastic prices on tap today.

While we're on the subject of Mushkin, check out their latest advertisement below which gives a glimpse of their new Ridgeback series of DDR3 modules you may like to also treat yourself to this Cyber Monday, seeing as RAM is so easy to install, even a monkey can do it!

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