COD: Black Ops nearly leaked from Xbox 360 - investigators hunt person down

COD: Black Ops nearly gets leaked, until Activision get real Black Ops people onto him.

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I thought piracy was only big on the PC? Oh how people are wrong...

COD: Black Ops nearly leaked from Xbox 360 - investigators hunt person down |

Well, the highly anticipated upcoming Treyarch title, Call of Duty: Black Ops was nearly leaked onto the internet last week which caused a ruckus in the community. It has been donned "Blackgate" by one man who found himself in the middle of this mess - there is a handy YouTube video showing what has happened:

A man who calls himself "Computer Healer" had gotten news that a legit copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops was somewhere near his house in New Orleans - after reviewing the information on the disc at an Xbox 360 piracy related website, "Computer Healer" found out what he'd need to do in order to get his hands on a copy.

The person who had the copy, wanted donations before he'd release it - so "Computer Healer" decided he'd pay any price to get it before anyone else, after settling on a price he made a two-hour trip to pick it up. This is where it gets interesting.

According to "Computer Healer" (I'm saying it like that, just because it's a hilarious name) picked up the copy from a person who goes by the username/handle of "Ungodly", he then "took care of business" (obviously paid for the copy) and drove home. As you'd do with a hotly anticipated game that virtually no one else in the world has played - you'd put your jammies on and go to sleep, right?

Well, "Computer Healer" did just that - he put his phone on charge and went to sleep.

Upon waking, he instantly noticed several people were looking for him, including not only representatives from Treyarch, but an investigation agency hired by Activision called IP Cybercrime - he was also being followed by a tinted out vehicle.

After which - "Computer Hacker" handed the copy back to a Treyarch courier after only getting little time to play it.

It turns out the Xbox "scene" was awaiting him to leak it - but he said he was not going to do such a thing and only give it to a few friends who would "not leak it". "Ungodly" and a few other people are being investigated by the FBI.

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