Official Google Voice app for iOS not too far away

Oh Google Voice, how iOS fans have missed thee.

Don Lynn
Published Tue, Sep 28 2010 11:49 PM CDT   |   Updated Tue, Jun 16 2020 4:29 PM CDT
Third party apps like GV Connect have started popping into Apple's App Store to restore Google Voice function to iOS devices, but there had been no word whether Apple's revamped app restriction would actually allow the official Google-approved app to show its face on iTunes. It looks like Google Voice fans may not be waiting too much longer as the official app has reportedly already been given the go-ahead by the folks at Apple.

Official Google Voice app for iOS not too far away |

After the initial scrape over a year ago when Google Voice in all its forms was dumped from the App Store, GV fans with iOS devices have not had the ability to take advantage of the free calling and other features, most likely because they didn't want VoIP calls cutting into the potential profits on their calling plans. It seems like everyone's willing to play nicely together now, which is great for customers. Since most people have cell phones and most plans offer free mobile to mobile, it's not like a lot of customers are burning up high amounts of premium minutes anymore anyways.

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