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Cameron Wilmot
Published Sat, May 18 2002 9:57 PM CDT   |   Updated Tue, Jun 16 2020 4:29 PM CDT
Steven from Legion Hardware has just posted an article about Integrated Graphics Platforms from the i845G, 650 and P4M266 - It seems Steven doesn't have an NDA with Intel with the i845G, but we'll have our review of this chipset and the i845E posted early next week when the NDA does expire.

Integrated platforms have struggled over the years offering poor quality peripherals right across the board. In the past I feel they have struggled more due to their lack of upgrade paths. Integrated Graphic Platforms has suffered the worst out of any other integrated device to date, though there are still chipsets dedicated to delivering it. Integrated Audio also had a rocky start, however things have worked out for this integrated device as consumers seem pleased with the latest 6-Channel solutions. Integrated Network is also another highly successful integrated device that most consumers won't go without. Integrated Audio devices are a great way of saving money, as they eliminate having to purchase a sound card that could cost up to $100 US. Integrated 3D Graphics would also drastically reduce the cost of buying a gaming machine by eliminating the obvious need for a graphics card. Graphics cards can retail from $100 US all the way to $400 US for higher-end cards.
More information at Legion Hardware.

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