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What's that? More news, you say? Well, here you go...

What's that? More news, you say? Well, here you go... news post from TweakTown's online news computing and technology content pages

By: TweakTown Staff from Apr 30, 2002 @ 20:14 CDT

What a lovely day outside, and here I am stuck in my office at work. Oh well, things could be worse. I don't see how though. But it's news you all be wanting, so it's news I'll give you:

- Our good friends over at OC-Melbourne have finally managed to get themselves a forum up and running. Why not go over and check it out. Tell them Beefy sent you. (Note: Saying that probably won't get you any special favors, but it will make me feel better...)

- Over at Neoseeker they have published a guide in CPU and Heatsink Lapping. They even go as far as to lap the heatsink on the Northbridge chip as well. Some people just take things a little too far, but check it out anyways.

- For those of you interested in starting your own water-cooling project, but aren't quite sure where to start, then head over to GiBTEK and have a browse through their Watercooling Planning Guide.

"The next thing is time scale, I started to collect information in December 2001 and hope to finish by September 2002. Money is not something that I am going to explore that much. All it does is effect timescale, hence the time it will take me to build my system. You can set up a basic water system for as little as £25 for a pump, £10 for a car heat exchanger from a breakers and £10 for an end cap home made water block. By the time you include water, water wetter and tubing you are looking at £55"

- Normally I would have posted this down in the links section, but after having a look at the page I felt it deserved a special mention. Max over at Frosty Tech has been so kind in doing a review of the Dynatron Model P Skived Copper Heatsink. What caught my attention was the picture he included showing the damage a Delta fan with no grill can do to your hands.

- Planet Savage have just released their Shootout of 4 KT266A motherboards. Basically, it's a roundup and comparison of previously
tested and reviewed KT266A boards at the site. Included in this around are the Abit KR7A-RAID, Shuttle AK35GTR, Chaintech 7VJDA and the Epox

- Now here's a nifty little device. X-bit labs have completed a review of the Promise UltraTRAK100 TX4 External IDE RAID Controller. The idea of having external storage in RAID configuration sounds like a great idea to me.

This review is devoted to one extraordinary device: an external IDE RAID controller from Promise aka UltraTrak100 TX4. It works with IDE drives, which allows reducing the cost of your storage space really tangibly. Besides, it also supports HotSwap and HotSpare, requires no drivers and is highly user friendly.

Other links for your amusement:

- Abit KR7A-133 review @ Logical Hardware
- Leadtek Winfast A250TD GeForce4 Ti 4400 review @ t-break
- Thermaltake HardCano 2 review @ Extreme Overclocking
- Syncmaster 191T 19" TFT LCD review @ PCStats
- Hercules Radeon AIW 8500 review @ Hardware-Test
- Xoxide Z-40 Storm Midtower Case review @ OCIA
- Akasa pax.mate Noise Dampening material review @ Club Overclocker
- Senfu Copper Heatsink & Probe review @ 3dXtreme
- Lazer LED review @ 3dXtreme

Anyway, I'd better get back to pretending to work. Wouldn't want my boss thinking I waste my time here...