1Gbps from the NBN not an upgrade, just clarification

But it's 'utterly implausible', says Tony Abbott.

Published Thu, Aug 12 2010 4:44 AM CDT   |   Updated Tue, Apr 7 2020 11:18 AM CDT
After being hammered for several flaws by industry experts in the promises made behind the Coalition's alternative internet policy, Liberal Party leader Tony Abbott sure isn't making the situation any better for himself.

1Gbps from the NBN not an upgrade, just clarification |

in following the Coalition's policy announcement, Prime Minister Julia Gilliard has announced that the NBN will deliver 1Gbps to its subscribers, not the 100Mbps which is all that the Coalition's internet network plan would be capable of. Despite already having displayed a technological lack of understanding, Tony Abbott was quick to respond to this by saying that 1Gbps is 'utterly implausible'.

In understanding the nature of GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Networking) technology, 1Gbps was always possible, it was just a question of whether or not an administrative decision would be made to limit a customer from signing up to a retail service that would offer in excess of 100Mbps.

Really, this is not an upgrade that's been announced, it's merely clarification of what the NBN is actually capable of delivering.

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