Optus embracing Google's Android some more - tablets coming soon?

Could be offering a broad range of Android devices.

| Aug 12, 2010 at 3:48 am CDT
Optus has made it clear today that they are seriously considering launching tablets based on Google Android in the AU market. Optus has recognised how popular the mobile operating system is and it's as clear as daylight how popular these tablet devices are from the sales numbers when looking at the iPad since launch.

Optus embracing Google's Android some more - tablets coming soon? | TweakTown.com

During a regular financial results briefing session earlier today, Managing Director Michael Smith said ", we are in a situation now where the devices we are offering in our retail outlets - we are offering more Android-capable devices than there are almost any others. And that platform seems to be gaining a quite solid traction in the marketplace.

We've also had a number of discussions with Google about how that manifest itself moving forward with new generations of the Android platform

With word that Dell is fishing around for Australian telcos to stock its new Streak tablet, perhaps we'll be seeing Dell Streaks on offer from Optus in the near future.

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