Riding the Jolicloud - The perfect netbook partner?

Ubuntu based alternative to Windows, harnessing the cloud.

| Aug 11, 2010 at 6:52 am CDT
The folks at APC have taken a closer look at the Jolicloud OS which is based around Ubuntu and aimed squarely at the netbook crowd.

The particularly interesting aspect of this OS is that the main guts of it are located on hosted servers. Almost everything is based inside the browser which is like an open source version of Google Chrome (called Chromium). As an example, rather than this OS making use of apps like Open Office or Koffice, its default productivity suite is set up to harness Google's cloud based Google Docs.

Riding the Jolicloud - The perfect netbook partner? | TweakTown.com

The shot above of the desktop shows a sparse, but clean layout. It's all fairly straight forward stuff and most people should be able to fathem out what's going on in a very short space of time. Certainly, from APC's experience with it they were quick to feel how 'lightweight' it is, but for a lot of people buying netbooks Jolicloud could potentially be an ideal alternative and does away with a lot of unecessary clutter found on the likes of Windows 7 or even XP.

Check out the full rundown on it via the source link folks.

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