Vividwireless introducing 4G network in Sydney and Melbourne

Early testing reports speeds of around 9,5Mbps.

| Aug 2, 2010 at 7:27 am CDT
The folks at Aussie business news website, iTnews have an exclusive report on the performance of Vividwireless' 4G wireless broadband expansion which has reached Sydney and Melbourne.

Some maps that Vividwireless has let out reveal a much larger coverage area for Sydney when compared to Melbourne (at this stage), but both networks are still far smaller than their Perth network which kicked off around four months back.

Vividwireless introducing 4G network in Sydney and Melbourne |

The signal footprint for Sydney roughly covers areas like Rodd Point and Lewisham in the inner west, Mascot in the south, the Sydney Harbour Bridge to the north and Rose Bay to Matraville along the east coast.

In running a series of tests on the network in Sydney, the folks at iTnews said you can expect similar performance to the average download speeds Vividwireless' Perth customers see, which is about 9.53Mbps. Though it should be noted that they were the only customer on the network at the time when performing the test.

Further details on how they conducted the test and exact figures are shared via the source link folks.

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