Telstra cop an $18.55 Million fine for 'exchange capping'

Forcing competitors to build their own DSLAMs - Good ole' Telstra.

| Jul 28, 2010 at 4:51 am CDT
After a drawn out legal battle between Telstra and the ACCC, judgement was handed down to the largest Telco in Australia today which results in the company being required to pay out an $18.55 Million Dollar fine.

Telstra cop an $18.55 Million fine for 'exchange capping' |

The fine was given to them for "exchange capping", whereby they were restricting exchange access to other internet service providers, leaving them with no alternative but to install their own DSLAM infrastructures to connect new customers.

There was no way Telstra could find the perfect excuse to dodge this one; it's clearly yet another dirty move on their part. In the end, Telstra said "Since the start of the case, we have acknowledged that mistakes were made. We accept the judgement which has been handed down. We will not be appealing."

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