VIAs Wenchi Chen talks about bugs and Kyro

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Cameron Wilmot
Published Sat, Apr 13 2002 2:01 AM CDT   |   Updated Tue, Jun 16 2020 4:29 PM CDT
Nico Ernst from German website tecChannel conducted an interesting interview with VIA CEO, Wen Chi Chen during CeBIT this year. They discuss things like negations of Kyro and chipset bugs.

tecCHANNEL: I'm sorry, Mr. Chen, but I have to disagree, it's not all about performance. We have been trying to communicate that to VIA for four months now: It's also a stability and a compatibility issue. When we published the story we had lots of feedback from readers, not only using RAID cards, but also using sound cards, where the sound was crackled up as soon as you had a constant stream of data. We then did an analysis of almost every other chipset by Intel, SiS, ALi, and your line of products is the only one that has this problem. We think, there is something wrong with the way you implement the PCI on the Southbridge. Chen: We can argue if that's (a problem of, Ed.) performance, or not exactly performance. No matter what: I think that's something we need to deal with, and we need to work on. I don't think we need to argue, one way or the other, that doesn't really matter. In the end, the more important thing is: How to deliver a better product?

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