iiNet uses pair bonding to improve its ADSL2+ network

Providing unhappy business owners with a better service.

| Jul 20, 2010 at 3:08 am CDT
iiNet has ramped up its ADSL service some more with pair bonding used to increase ADSL2+ bandwidth, both upstream and downstream, effectively doubling overall performance.

iiNet uses pair bonding to improve its ADSL2+ network |

In bonding together two copper pairs, iiNet has confirmed after testing across real customer lines a vastly improved level of performance, achieving 30.266/2.656Mbps down/up over 1336 metres; 17.533/2.297Mbps over 2585 metres, 31.800/2.102Mbps over 1933 metres; 40.288/3.304Mbps over 145 metres; 15.438/1.862Mbps over 2453 metres and 10.546/2.271Mbps over 3954 metres.

The service has been introduced as a low cost option for small business owners that have been finding their standard ADSL2+ service sub par for their requirements due to poor quality lines or exchange distance. This pair bonding techique deals with these issues and does away with the need for said business owners to have to resort to more costly alternatives such as fibre or SHDSL services.

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