Iomega makes some loud Skin portable HDDs

Skin Industries spruces up things just a tad.

| Jun 22, 2010 at 3:56 am CDT
Storage specialist Iomega has decided to give end users something a bit more radical in the way of portable storage with some loud and unique designs.

These are your typical looking 500GB 2.5-inch sized portable drives, but with the assistance from Skin Industries which is one of the leading alternative "Sports Fashion" brands in the states at this time, the drives sport custom Skin branded graphics that will catch most anyone's eye.

Iomega makes some loud Skin portable HDDs |

Pity they aren't USB 3.0 ready, but if you don't mind the 30MB/sec capped transfer rate and want something that stands out, the "Radical", "Red Hot" and "Knock Out" themed Skin Hard Drives from Iomega might be just to your liking. You can also rest assured the casing is of excellent quality with Drop Guard protection, said to protect hard drives inside the casing from up to 51 inch falls (onto carpet) which equates to 40% better protection than the industry average.

The Skin Hard Drives are now available with retail pricing of $119.99. For further details, you can read the full press release on them here.

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