Mad Catz give 2.4GHz wireless option for AX 180 gaming headset

Enhancing your choice of options in the TRITTON series.

| Jun 18, 2010 at 5:38 am CDT
Those inventive folks over at Mad Catz have designed a new wireless gaming headset they call the AX 180 which they are advertising under their TRITTON gaming audio brand.

For the most part this headset is much the same as the wired version of the AX 180, but uses 2.4GHz wireless for connectivity for those who find the cord's a bit too annoying. Mad Catz promise no compromise has been made in terms of sound quality and features elsewhere.

Mad Catz give 2.4GHz wireless option for AX 180 gaming headset |

The AX 180 wireless can take any standard analog stereo audio sound source. The wireless base station is also USB powered, doing away with the need for an external power adapter, making it a more friendly setup if it's being moved around a lot. A portable control unit can be clipped onto a belt or pretty much wherever else it suits for ease of access to all the important controls and more.

Mad Catz is shifting the new wireless version of the AX 180s at an MSRP of $149.99. They also mention in their press release that if you already own the AX 180s in wired form and would like to make them wireless, the portable control unit and transmitter will be available as an upgrade at the beginning of this coming Fall.

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