Sony shows off Move gun attachment for PS3

Bam bam, you're dead!

| Jun 16, 2010 at 8:15 am CDT
Following Sony's Move E3 press release a short while ago, Sony has made available a bunch of press shots showing off its ray gun attachment for the "Move" motion controller and it sure looks funky.


The controller slides into the compartment up top and the analog "T" trigger button lines up with the trigger of the ray gun accessory. At the same time, the Move's controller buttons remain accessible via a window cut-out up top.

Sony shows off Move gun attachment for PS3 06 |

The design is particularly interesting and certainly not something we'd have expected Sony to come up with. With the ball on the end of the Move lighting up blue when the trigger is pulled, I can see little no neck monsters running about the house at night with this thing, firing it at walls, mum, dad and the (petrified) cat more often than focusing on the TV screen.

Sony shows off Move gun attachment for PS3 07 |

As the folks at Engadget said, it actually looks more like a ray gun used in a 1950s sci-fi movie, but it's kinda cool; I like it.

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