iBUYPOWER demos another advantage of SSDs beyond performance

SSD + 2 storey building = ?

| Jun 16, 2010 at 2:53 am CDT
Most of us already know that there are more benefits to SSDs over traditional mechanical platter based storage than performance alone. Certainly for notebook/netbook users on the go, they are also more attractive due to less power consumption, meaning longer battery life from your system.

Here's another big plus which the folks at iBUYPOWER decent demonstrated Mythbusters style :-

No moving parts = much less likely to fail after some nasty shock treatment; except for when you introduce a hammer to it, that is. Although if you are intending to try your best to kill an SSD (and I can't imagine why?!) you may like to stick with a 'brand name' hammer (refer to video above).

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