Bit more substance on GTX 460 existence

Screenshot hints specs - looking like a solid $230 card.

| Jun 15, 2010 at 7:20 am CDT
The folks over at EXPreview have managed to get a closer scoop on all the important bits about NVIDIA's (supposed) upcoming entry level GTX 400 series card in the GTX 460. The reality of this card is still unconfirmed, but info and images are indicative of its soon to be existance in the market.

Bit more substance on GTX 460 existence |

A Chinese leaked screenshot reveals all the important numbers including the memory interface, clock rates and more. We're looking at a card with 336 CUDA cores and 768MB of GDDR5 memory connected to via a 192-bit interface.

Stock clock rates appear to be set at 675/1350/1800MHz for the core, shader and memory, respectively; surprisingly higher than the GTX 465. But with lesser memory bandwidth and capacity, performance is expected to fall a little lower, but not by much!

The other highlights mentioned are a TDP of about 130W and a quite attractive MSRP slapped on it of about 230 bucks U.S. - putting it head on with the Radeon HD 5830.

Whilst purely speculative at this time, it's expected the GTX 460 will become a reality in the market sometime in Q3, around late July / early August.

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