Addonics intro new CFast cards + SATA adapters

Shortcut way to get some solid state storage in your system.

| Jun 10, 2010 at 5:39 am CDT
Storage peripherals maker Addonics has just dished up a couple new CFast memory cards and some adapters that give PC users the ability to connect the new cards via a SATA port for some extra solid state storage, giving read and write rates of up to 100MB/sec and 40MB/sec, respectively.

The two new CFast cards use MLC NAND Flash and are CF Type 1 compliant. The 8GB one will set you back $98.40 and the 32GB one $189.60.


There are three adapters which differ for the purposes of different mountings. One is designed to be an internal bridge that will work either inside notebooks or desktops, while the other two differ in that one is designed to take up a PCI slot and one fitting into a 3.5-inch drive bay.

Addonics intro new CFast cards + SATA adapters 08 |

For full details on the new CFast cards and adapters, you can view the full press release here.

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