CM Storm Inferno mouse has 11 programmable buttons for MMORPGers

Cooler Master getting serious about mice.

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COMPUTEX Taipei 2010 - During our stop at Cooler Master we caught up with a guy by the name of TERRY who spent some time introducing us to CM Storm's latest and greatest gaming mouse called the Inferno.

This is a new gaming mouse that is due to come out by the end of this month and it was designed heavily with MMORPGers in mind. Besides looking the part in its very stylish black dress, it has no less than 11 programmable buttons that are also very scriptable too.

The mouse will also ship with accompanying software that allows users to go in and setup combo scripts that perform certain function in game real quickly, as opposed to trying to do it the slow old fashioned way. It was also mentioned off camera that professionals could also use the gaming software to have certain scripts run in applications like Excel and others.

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