NVIDIA puts GTX 400 series in closer reach with GTX 465

At the sub-$300 price point.

| May 31, 2010 at 5:30 am CDT
Many of you would have heard about this one coming for a while now. NVIDIA has just introduced a third member into its GTX 400 series which nestled in at the bottom, giving users all the same technologies (DX11, PhysX, CUDA, 3D Vision Surround etc.) at a more easily reachable sub $300 price point.

Where the card differs to the GTX 470 is five less streaming multiprocessors, a 352 CUDA core count and 256-bit memory bus. It also has less GDDR5 memory at a rounded 1GB. The core and shader clock remains the same as the GTX 470 at 608MHz and 1215MHz, respectively. The memory speed is clocked slower, however; sitting at 3208MHz QDR vs. the 470's 3348MHz clock speed.

NVIDIA puts GTX 400 series in closer reach with GTX 465 | TweakTown.com

So, it's easy to see already that performance will dip a noticable amount lower than the GTX 470, but at the sub-300$ price point this is expected and still promises strong performance that many users will be satisfied with. It also means a cheaper SLI setup that should really get those frame rates moving.

With the NDA lifted today we have our first full review of the card online; a variant from Galaxy which uses the same impressive aftermarket cooling solution we saw on their GTX 470 recently. Also stay tuned for more GTX 465 content throughout this week where we investigate its overclocking abilities, how it goes in SLI and more.

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