Hitachi Maxell demo a 50 Terabyte tape

Pairing perpendicular magnetic recording.

| May 25, 2010 at 5:10 am CDT
Hitachi Maxell has harnessed perpendicular magnetic recording technology to design an LTO-class tape with a super sized 50TB of capacity. A demo was constructed by Hitachi together with the Tokyo Institute of Technology to show it fully functional.

It's a highly impressive achievement given that the raw capacity of the highest-capacity LTO tape roadmapped to date is 12.8TB.

Hitachi Maxell demo a 50 Terabyte tape |

Whilst it's very unlikely it will be mass marketed with identical principles to how Hitachi achieved 50TB here, it's a sign of what is possible when partnering certain technologies together and using carefully selected materials and methods to push the boundaries significantly.

For further information on how it works, head over to the source.

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